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Carolina Consonantes Dobles

Double consonants in Spanish

A trick to help you remember the double consonants in Spanish. Practise now!

Song with activity: Andrés Cepeda – Faltarán

A song by a Colombian singer to work on the future tense and listening comprehension in Spanish.

SIELE Exam. Oral Skills: Sample 2 – Task 1

An interactive task to help you prepare the spoken expression part of the SIELE certificate.

Last activities

The true story of Paco Pil

Online activities to work on the past tenses contrast in Spanish and the use of discourse markers with the biography of the DJ Paco Pil

Possessive in Spanish (2): Possessive Pronouns

Online activities to learn and practise the possessive pronouns in Spanish (posesivos tónicos).

Song with activity: Felipe Santos – Olvidarte

A song by Felipe Santos to work on listening comprehension and the contrast between the indicative and subjunctive mood in Spanish

Spanish Monologue: Dani Rovira-“Primeras citas&...

An audiovisual comprehensionsion activity with this Spanish humour monologue by Dani Rovira.

Audiovisual comprehension with the short film: “...

A short film to work on audiovisual comprehension, colloquial language, and the subjunctive mood.

New stuff for teachers

Parchis Game: verbs with prepositions in Spanish

An activity to be used by Spanish teachers to help students practise verbs followed by prepositions.

Mix and match the characters

A wide variety of activities to be used in the Spanish class with the games of Mix&Match.

Idioms and colloquialisms in Spanish

Material and resources to teach Spanish idioms and colloquialisms.

Gazpacho y La Ogra que todo lo logra

A fun lesson plan about the gazpacho with a video by the singer La Ogra.

Caperucita Roja (Red Riding Hood)- The wolf’s v...

A lesson plan to work on the past tenses contrast with this classic tale.

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