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Online activities
Search among more than 200 activities to learn Spanish

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Song with activity: Celtas Cortos – Cuéntame un...

A Spanish song with an online activity to practise the contrast between past tenses.

SIELE Exam. Speaking Skills: Task 4 (Sample 4)

An online task to help you prepare the speaking skills part of the SIELE exam.

Vocabulary: Spanish verbs (from 1 to 20)

Learn the 20 most common verbs with a video, flash cards and online activities.

Last activities

Giving advice and recommendations in Spanish

An infographic and activities to learn how to give advice and recommendations in Spanish.

Online activities to work on the film Coco in Spanish...

Activities to work on the film Coco. Practise, enjoy and improve your Spanish!Levels A2/B1.

“Cosas de chicos” – A short film fo...

A short film to work on language skills, suffixes and subjunctive mood.

Mexican Popular Culture: The Legend of la Llorona

Reading and listening comprehension activity about the legend of La Llorona, as part of Mexican popular culture.

“Servicio técnico” – Periphrases in...

An amusing short film to help you work on verbal periphrases and increase your vocabulary in Spanish.

New stuff for teachers

Lesson Plan: El mundo laboral

A lesson plan to work on vocabulary related to work and the passive voice- impersonal and with reflexive verbs.

Advanced Spanish lesson plan: “No te rías, que ...

A Spanish lesson plan for Advanced C1 students to work on different language techniques to create humour.

Spanish lesson plan with the film “Coco”

A lesson plan with the film "Coco" for the Spanish class. It includes over 20 activities for levels A2 and B1.

Activities for the First Day of Spanish Class

19 introduction activities to start the course in an original and amusing way!

A game with Spanish vocabulary grouped by categories

Cards and a guideline on how to use the game in the Spanish class to revise vocabulary.

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The best board games for Spanish lessons

List of games to learn Spanish, recommended by
lecturas graduadas

Graded readers for learning Spanish (A1/B1)

Graded readers list for learning Spanish recommended by

The best books to prepare and pass your DELE exams

A list of books to help you pass the DELE exam.
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