Possessive in Spanish (2): Possessive Pronouns


Aims: To learn how to use the possessive pronouns in Spanish.

If you already know the possessive adjectives (posesivos átonos o antepuestos), it’s time to learn the possessive pronouns (los posesivos tónicos o pospuestos). These possessives are placed either after the noun (Este libro es mío) or they might appear alone (¿De quién es este libro? Es mío) when we already know the noun . Watch the video and complete the activities.


¿Cómo usar los posesivos tónicos?


Online Activities

Activity 1

Indicates who possesses what

Instructions: Indicate who owns each object- Sometimes there might be more than one correct answer. Indicate all of them.

Activity 2

Complete with the possessive pronouns

Activity 3

Complete with the possessive pronouns

Instructions: Paco, Ana and Laura are flatmates, and they have just got some items for the new house by post. Observe the picture and complete the dialogue with the right possessive pronouns:

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