Learn how to tell the time in Spanish!


Aims: Learn to tell and ask for the time in Spanish with a video, an infographic, and online activities.

Online Activity

¿Qué hora es?

An infographic about the time in Spanish, and an activity for practising.

Listen and choose

In each audio, you will listen to a conversation where people tell a different time. Match it to the corresponding clock, but pay attention to the three misleading clocks.


Complete with the time indicated by the following analogue clocks.
La hora actividad

¿Sabías que…. en España a las 5:40 se dice «son las seis menos veinte», pero en algunas partes de América Latina (como en México) se dice «veinte para las seis» o «faltan veinte para las seis».

Printable materials

Worksheets and an infographic in high quality to be printed.

Play Kahoot

Fun interactive questionnaire for playing in groups on your phones with an Internet connection, and a screen where you can see the questions. 

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