Graded readers for learning Spanish (A1/B1)

06 mayo 2018

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Graded readers for teenagers and adults

Are you looking for graded readers to learn Spanish? Reading is one of the best ways to learn a language since it provides a relaxing and reflective practice. If you still don’t feel confident to read books read by Spanish speakers, you can opt for graded readers. They are an efficient way to improve your Spanish since most editions present several resources which will help you in your reading, such as an audio format, a glossary including the most difficult words, comprehension activities, among others.

In this selection, you will find the best graded readers in Spanish for adults and for all levels in both paper and digital format. Make the most of these readers to increase your vocabulary by writing down all the words you don’t know in your vocabulary list; to improve your pronunciation, by listening to the audio book at the same time you are reading; or just let yourself go and enjoy the magic of the Spanish language in a quiet place and in a comfortable position. Enjoy it and tell us in comments about the readers you have chosen!

Graded readers Level A1


Un día de...

Editorial Difusión

First of all, I want to recommend a graded readers series of «Un día en…» of Difusión publishing house. These short books are ideals to start reading in Spanish and know different cities in the Spanish-speaking world. The series includes short stories, visual dictionaries to understand vocabulary, cultural information about each place (gastronomy, history…), activities to help you practise the language, and glossaries in English, French, German and Dutch. Some of the books can be downloaded for free in electronic format on Amazon, and others can be bought for a cheap price. You can download a short excerpt of the book from the website.

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Editorial SGEL

Graded readers of the  SGEL series Colección  for students of Spanish aged between 11 and 17. At a summer camp, some boys and girls of different nationalities get together anc collaborate in nature conservation. The aim of these books is to entertain and make the student enjoy the reading. Thanks to Lunas, an international association that organises summer camps, the characters will travel to Uruguay, where they will see sea lions and will visit an enchanted lighthouse. The different participants’ backgrounds represent different varieties of the Spanish language. After reading, there are several suggested activities that will test the student’s knowledge on geography, grammar and vocabulary. There is also an online activities section. There is an answer key at the end of the book. It comes with a CD where you will find the audio of the book to work on oral comprehension.

[amazon box=’8497785754,8497785770,8497785762′ template=’list’]

Other readers

[amazon box=’B00SZU0FP2,B07378Z191,B00IP017IG,B00IP018BW,3817494351′ template=’list’]

Graded readers Levels A1/A2


Aventuras para 3

Editorial Edelsa

Now let’s take a look at a mystery graded readers series, by EDELSA publishing house, for children and teenagers (10-14-year olds). It is a total of 9 books whose protagonists are three boys from Valladolid, who will solve several mysteries. The books come with audios and material for working on the readers. If you want to know more, you can listen to some audio clips here.

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Complemento perfecto

Editorial Edinumen

A graded readers series which include vocabulary notes on the margins, and lots of ideas for didactic use. You can see a sample of a chapter here.

[amazon box=’8498480361,8489756724,8495986914′ template=’list’]

Colección Yago Ayala

Editorial EnClave ELE

This detective series has as its protagonist Yago Ayala, who together with his friend will solve a series of peculiar problems. The books include cultural content related to the Spanish-speaking world which presents vocabulary in accordance with levels A1/A2, with footnotes and activities meant to work on reading comprehension and to foster oral interaction in the class.

[amazon box=’8415299079,8415299060′ template=’list’]

Los Fernández

Editorial SGEL

This series is about los Fernández, a funny contemporary Spanish family who is really fond of travelling. They will show you places and characters from the Spanish-speaking geography, and you will enjoy their interesting and amusing adventures. It provides a current language which represents spoken Spanish; explanatory notes in each chapter; activities with an answer key at the end of the book; and audio files to download for free from the Aula ELEctrónica. You can download a sample o listen to it from its website.

[amazon box=’8497789636,8497789644,8497788192,8497788184′ template=’list’]

Graded readers Levels A2/B1


Grandes personajes y Perfiles pop

Editorial Difusión

Grandes Personajes is a books series for levels A2/B1 about the biographies of different famous people in the field of literature, arts or politics from the Spanish-speaking world; whereas Perfiles pop is about the biography of renowned contemporary artists and athletes from the Spanish-speaking world. The books include additional cultural information, and a glossary in Spanish, English, French and German, an MP3 audio file, and comprehension activities. An amazing way to read and increase your knowledge of the Hispanic world.

[amazon box=’8484437361,848443737X,8484437353,8484437671,8416057338,8416057346,8484437329,8484437345′ template=’list’]

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the readers of TuELEmento  by, free readers with vocabulary and online activities.

As you can see, there is a great variety of graded readers in Spanish, so you won’t have any excuse to start reading in the Language of Cervantes. Don’t be afraid, read the book you find most inspiring and work with the extra resources that it offers. If you already know some of them or you’d like to suggest other books, don’t hesitate to share your experience or ideas in the comments. Like this you will help other people who love Spanish as much as you do.

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