The best books to prepare and pass your DELE exams

12 mayo 2018

Attention!: The prices of the different products correspond to Amazon Spain. If you visit us from another place, you will be redirected to the Amazon website in your country, and you will notice some price changes or the product may not even be available.

The DELE is the most prestigious in-person examination of the Spanish language that is organised by the Instituto Cervantes in different calls  and all over the world. For this reason, if you have registered, or want to register, for the exam, normally you want to make sure that you will pass it and get your official Spanish level. In this post, we recommend the best books to help you pass your DELE exam. Moreover, you will find really good offers to easily buy them from ProfeDeELE on Amazon. When you buy the books from our links, you will support ProfeDeELE in its work creating learning contents completely available for you and for free! Thanks for your confidence!


DELE: Level A1

[amazon box=’8477116806,8497789598,3125270251,8853012544,8499215548,B011MLQV1W,8496942333,3190042985′ template=’list’]


DELE: Level A2

[amazon box=’8484436578,8497789164,8467547294,841634776X,8477116342,8499215556,3190043035,8415299559′ template=’list’]


DELE escolar (school): Level A2/B1

[amazon box=’8416273774,8416108382,8497789210,8499217303,8808821307′ template=’list’ ]


DELE: Level B1

[amazon box=’8415299664,8415846290,8498485479,847711353X,3191145001,8499213995,8853012560′ template=’list’ ]


DELE: Level B2

[amazon box=’8484436594,8415299672,8490816751,8490816808,8497786386,8498485487,8853013524′ template=’list’ ]


DELE: Level C1

[amazon box=’8484437256,849848412X,8415299400,8497786394,8477116881′ template=’list’]


DELE: Level C2

[amazon box=’8498484154,8477119805′ template=’list’]

Did you know any of these books to prepare DELE yet? What do you think of them? Help other students and teacher who are thinking about what material they should buy. Use the comments and answer this question.

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Do you still not know what book you should buy? Generally, all books we have recommended here are useful, good quality, and the result of hard work. Some of them are focussed on offering sample examination papers (as Edelsa’s), and others provide materials to help you learn the exam contents, and they also include sample papers (as Difusión’s). If you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer in the comments section.

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